Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Train pt. 2

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Train pt. 2

So that's what happened on the way down. This is what happened on the way back:

The train was relatively full for a Monday, so I was forced to sit next to someone rather than lucking out with an empty set of seats.

After sitting for about 45 minutes -- somewhat uncomfortably behind a german man who had his seat back all the way -- I noticed this woman about five rows up who seemed to be stretching her arms up in the air while wearing those black gloves with the little grip spots on them.

Strange, but nothing that odd.

Across the aisle from me is a college-aged girl with a very revealing shirt, a very fake tan, and a very large tattoo on her back. She's on the phone with various people, and no matter who she talks to the conversation goes like so:

Girl: (question) [is there any food at home? can you pick me up? how much did you drink? etc.]
response on the phone

Repeat about 12 times.

Then, the woman with the gloves starts coming back towards me and asks me if she can use my phone for a minute just to activate her cell phone since she forgot to before she left. I say sure, and give it to her.

As she walks back to her seat, the woman next to me (who had been silent so far) says that this gloved woman is really strange, that she freaked out when she got on the train before I did, that she screamed and threw things, and that she's been giving people the finger during the ride.

Great. So I had just given my phone to a crazy woman.

I figure I'd let her use it for a little while, and then check in on her to get it back. After about 10 minutes she looks back to me and says the signal cut out, so she'll have to try again. Fine. 15 minutes after that I walk up the train to get the phone back and she's talking quite angrily with someone who I assume is customer service. She gives the phone back and thanks me.

When I get back to my seat I check the call logs, and see... That this woman didn't call a single 800 number, but in fact called about seven people in my phone book for a few minutes at a time. What the fuck!?

So if my phone called you and some crazy woman swore at you or something, I'm sorry, people.

Then for the rest of the trip she keeps coming back asking to use it again, and I tell her it's out of batteries because God knows what kind of fit she'll throw if I just say no. Then I notice she has latex gloves on UNDERNEATH her grippy gloves, and that she is walking around slyly giving people the finger, and staring at them with a weird look on her face.

When my train pulls into Boston, she is nowhere to be seen, and the woman behind me starts laughing with me about the whole situation. We're walking down the aisle of the car talking about it, and then, just like in a horror movie, the crazy woman appears behind the door between cars and stares at us, blocking our way out.

We quickly wipe the smiles from our faces and awkwardly walk around her while her staring eyes follow us. And as we walk away down the gangway, I turn to see that she's giving us the finger.