Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Lobbyists HEART Bush

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lobbyists HEART Bush

In an entirely unsurprising article today, the Washington Post quoted some of the biggest firms on K Street as saying that the presidency of George W. Bush has been a petrie dish of sorts for their industry -- allowing it, nay, encouraging it to germinate, expand and thrive while the rest of the American economy sits in a continued slump.

And it all makes sense. Clearly if ever one group of Americans needed help getting their voices heard in Washington, it was board members of multi-national corporations. It breaks my heart to hear CEOs, down on their luck and destitute, say to me, "You know, Travis, sometimes I feel like those politicians in D.C. just don't care about me at all," right before they hop in their Aston-Martin and head on over to the picnic at Dick Scrushy's house.

It's not surprising, and it's certainly not encouraging, but read it anyway just so you can have your daily fix of vomiting up in your mouth.

Washington Post: The Road to Riches is Called K Street