Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: London Attacks

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Attacks

In the wake of the attacks this morning that will likely rouse the West from our recent attack-free lull, a few friends and I discussed whether the dark cloud of violent international terrorism is going to hang over us for the rest of our lives and the lives of future generations.

Some of my thoughts:

It seems apparent that having a large military presence in the Middle East certainly doesn't help matters. At the same time, I doubt if we pulled our military out of the region completely that the jihadists would really decide to cease terror attacks. And there's really no solution to the problem. Until the communities that tolerate the presence of terror organizations decide as a whole to actively renounce them, until they stop allowing their young children become inducted and initiated into the violent ideologies of these groups, then there is no way to stop the cycle. It happened that way with the IRA, and it just might happen in the future.

I don't think we can tell people what to do, though. Even if I thought it was a good idea, I don't think it's possible. They have to decide on their own, and they'll only do that when they tire of the violence extremists preach.

Otherwise, we better get moving and fast on some alternative energy. At least if we found some way to reduce and eventually rid our selves of the dependence this alliance with Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern oil we could attempt to isolate ourselves more until that area of the world can work itself out.

It's ironic, because in the lead up to the G8 summit a big argument against the large and necessary aid to African countries was the rampant corruption in many of the governments. But at the same time we've relied on a very tenuous alliance with the Saudi royal family -- which very well may lose power in the near future -- without requiring them to fulfill the same standards we demand of countries like Nigeria before we give them aid.

Seriously, though. We're America. We can be smart, we can be hard-working, and we can do what is necessary when we really try. Why can't we launch a Manhatttan Project-esque endeavor to find a source of alternative energy that will only benefit our national security and the security of all nations that rely so heavily on people that hate us? It won't solve everything, but at least it will keep us from giving money hand over fist to the people that in turn give it to those who kill us.

Think about how that could improve our world image. We develop a clean, reliable energy that eventually allows us to lower our greenhouse emissions, and rid ourselves of addiction to foreign fuel that is now costing us so dearly. Then we give the technology to the world.