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Monday, August 08, 2005

Bad News Alarms

My computer alarm that automatically wakes me up to NPR's Morning Edition every day has been a real downer lately.

Last week the first words I heard while waking up were, "14 Marines are dead after a deadly explosion..."

Not long after that I woke up to, "US casualties in Iraq especially heavy this week..."

Then this morning, "Peter Jennings died last night, succumbing to cancer..."

I know the news media tends to focus on the negative things in our world as they occur, with the sporadic "kids selling acrobatic kittens to raise money for tsunami victims" story thrown in on occasion. But just one morning I want to wake up to this:

"In a series of stunning developments this morning, Islamic militants have become a non-violent political party, the Pentagon has surrendered a percentage of its budget to the department of education, and the streets of Greater Boston today are a little bit sticky after an overnight downpour of Starburst and Reese's Pieces..."

That would be the best (and most delicious) morning wake up ever.

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