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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Civil Discourse

As I walked down the street this afternoon in front of a local Catholic church, a man stopped me and asked me, "are you registered to vote in Massachusetts?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Would you like to sign a petition to add a referendum to the ballot next year that defines 'marriage' as a union between a man and a woman only?"

"No, sorry. I don't agree with that," I told him.

"Alright. Have a nice day," the man said as he turned away.

And it was that moment today that made me feel better about people. Sometimes I become convinced that people are all pretty much horrible. When my neighbors tell their kids not to apologize for bumping into the elderly, or when those same elderly people lean out of their windows, scowling at me, it can build up. Anyway, I much prefer today's encounter to this:

20050907 Washington-Cathedral-Of-St-Matthew3

Civility. Civility...