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Monday, February 06, 2006

Netflix Landmark!

I have just rated my 1001st movie on the Netflix database. Yes, it is indeed a tremendous accomplishment in my life, ranking right up there with graduating from college, running my own business for 3 years, and finally learning to make the perfect omelette (thanks Calphalon!)

A few people I'd like to thank:

BJ but especially Nish, for helping me plow through the Netflix queue in the early years, and for allowing me to bestow so many 1- and 2-star ratings to all their Final Destinations, Leagues of Extraordinary Gentlemen, AVPs, and of course Soul Planes.

Jocelyn, for giving me a great excuse and a blame patsy for renting such films as Love Actually and Spanglish, not to mention flicks like 13 Going on 30, The Notebook, and Bend It Like Beckham. ***I would also like to mention that I am by no means saying these movies are bad, because 1) Many aren't bad, and 2) If I did say that about a few, I'd be in trouble. One I am in fact legitimately indebted to her for.

My sister Phoebe, for taking our family to some of the worst movies ever when she was younger. Those mid-90s Romantic Comedies were good for countless 1-star ratings. She's gotten a lot better taste since she got her braces off (like 10 years ago).

Rachel and Ed, because I never would have been able (or willing) to rate an instructional Yoga DVD without them. That 1001st one is all you guys.

And of course, to television, for sucking so badly for so long -- especially in the pre-DVR years -- that I could actually watch 3 movies a week for over a year.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Netflix. Only Netflix's DVD queue can store ridiculous amounts of movies at once, and (most importantly) instill a sense of accomplishment and productivity to watching movies. I mean, they're movies! But somehow they figured out that, despite being a poor, pathetically self-employed, out of shape, lazy, lazy man, I could convince myself I was doing something important by mowing down a 500+ movie queue one by one.

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