Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Signs of the same quality and sketchiness as the "Sell Your House in 2 Days!" and "Lose 50 Pounds Fast!" placards have cropped up around the neighborhood. Their message?


I love the idea that dating websites with a larger sample size -- say America, or even Boston -- clearly weren't cutting it in Charlestown. How can you expect to find a partner on eHarmony who'll go to Old Sully's with you every night? You would probably never meet someone seriously into Youth Hockey leagues and scratch tickets on No, somehow a 1 square mile neighborhood was too big for you to meet your Townie mate through conventional means.

So here's to you,! You're doing the most important job there is: Making sure Chucktown never loses its clannish, self-absorbed, introverted spirit.