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Friday, October 05, 2007

GI to Her Familiy: Ask Many Questions if I Die

This has been somewhat of an underground story in Boston, but I'm glad that it's starting to make waves on the national stage.

Spc. Ciara Burkin was found dead by a single gunshot to the head last week at the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. Because she was killed inside a secure base, and because she was part of a finance unit, the circumstances surrounding her death are quite suspect. If that wasn't enough, she told her family while on leave last month:

"I discovered some things I don’t like and I made some enemies because of it [...] If anything happens to me, you guys make sure it gets investigated.’’

Understandably, her family wants a full investigation into any event that may have lead to her death. They have enlisted Massachusetts Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. Kerry recently submitted a letter to Sec. Def. Gates containing the following questions, which the family has asked:
-Why had the family not gotten a response to its request for an independent autopsy?

-Why did the family not receive the results of the Army’s autopsy when it was told it would?

-Why had the Army not made Durkin’s will and other paperwork available to the family so they could plan her funeral?
It isn't right to speculate or fly off into conspiracy theories. It is, however, important to keep this story in the forefront of the often amnesic Media's mind.

The Patriot Ledger