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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Iran? Are They Serious?

I'll be writing a more thorough series of posts about Bill Richardson in the next weeks, but his recent remarks on the administration's PR ramp-up toward Iran gave me good blog fodder.

Last week the Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution that stated the Senate should be prepared to use military force against Iran in response to their actions in Iraq. (This after they deemed a bill giving soldiers more time at home... to not support the troops.)

Meanwhile, President Ahmadinejad's visit to New York provided an opportunity for every maniac to express a level of hyperbolic outrage that could only aid the US and Iranian administrations in their hard-line politics.

Bill Richardson responded to the sudden escalation of rhetoric on Face The Nation:

"I believe it would be enormously unwise for the Bush administration to start
another war before ending this tragic war we're in today and it does sound
like the administration is ramping up. You can just see it.

"Once again the administration seems to be preparing the American people for a ramp-up in action, and it would be, I believe, another disastrous foreign policy decision.

"Calling them names, labeling them terrorists, drawing up military options is just making the situation worse and inflaming the Muslim world"
Seems pretty reasonable to me, considering Ahmadinejad's public statements are just base-stirring politics. As Richardson points out, 40% of the vote in Iran's latest presidential election went to a moderate candidate.

Oh, and for those of you keeping score, frontrunner Hillary was the only candidate in the Senate to vote for the aggressive resolution...

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