Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Just 1 More Win, Sox!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just 1 More Win, Sox!

What a great night for the young guys! Pedroia and Ellsbury: 7/10 with 4 RBI. Round it out with another good night for Lowell, and the Sox are one game away from winning it all.

Boston's hitting in this series is so timely. Very different from the first half of the ALCS. There was a scary moment when Colorado came within one, but just in time we tacked on some insurance in the next frame.

Interesting pitching match up tomorrow between two players who have had to overcome serious health issues -- Lester's cancer and Cook's blood clot problems. A great (paraphrased) quote from Wakefield about not being on the WS roster and Lester's start tomorrow:

Things happen for a reason. Maybe it's John Lester's turn to shine.


Wins needed for free couch: 1 (!!!)