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Monday, October 08, 2007

Paranoid Townie: Defend Old Ironsides!

Went on the Charlestown online bulletin board today and found this gem. (All spellings are left as originally posted.):
Navy Yard Protection

Smebody better look at this computer. This is tshe t h ird messagae that I have been unable to finish whast I have had to say. I wlill send the major messge , which no doubt reached your office, to many of the Senators and Congresseen. It is past midight. I have to get some rest. At 91, my age catches up to me.

Why do they make it so difficult to write an e-mail. I got to a certain point and I could not write anymore. My message is extremely serious We are at war.Yet, I saw no semblance of any security, No Jersey barriers to stop suicide bombers. No armed military to down a terrorist should one or more enter the navy yard, and no apparent armed gunboats should terrorists ventusre into those waters to sink the Constitution What a victory that would be for the Anti-Americans all over the world.. Can you imagine the uproar in Muslim countries? It would be a significant blow to the American spche.I have a feeling Osama Ben Ladin may signal terrorists in America to sssts
Yep, I'm sure Osama's #1 target is a relic of the War of 1812 that gets tugged out into the harbor once a year to shoot off cannons, like the naval equivalent of an old guy in a Viagra commercial.

Not sure what 'spche' is (psyche?), but I'm pretty sure the only people that know Old Ironsides exists here are history buffs and Bostonians.