Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Tufts to Repay Loans for Do-Gooders

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tufts to Repay Loans for Do-Gooders

Jumbo says, "I'll give you straight cash, homie."

Boston Globe:
Tufts University is offering graduates an unusual deal: Take a job as a public school teacher or social worker, or work for any nonprofit, and the university will help pay off their college loans for years to come.
While some law and medical schools across the country have offered similar incentive programs, the effort at Tufts, a university that has long promoted public-service careers, is unprecedented. It marks the first time a university has extensively promoted relatively low-paying public service careers to undergraduates seeking bachelor's degrees in all majors.
Too late for me, sadly. You could have definitely classified my first few years of self-employment as not profiting me...